News are short summaries, usually three to five sentences, covering a specific release/event related to the data and providing an explanation of what was behind the growth/contraction and increase/decrease in the specific dataseries


Get latest news


te.getNews(output_type = 'df')
data = te.getNews().then(function(data){
WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create("");


Paginate a news list, specifying the start index and list limit size.


te.getNews(start=150, limit=5, output_type = 'df')
data = te.getNews(start = '150', limit = '5').then(function(data){
WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create("");

Response fields

IDstringUnique ID“372644”
TitlestringTitle of the event“Eurozone Industrial Output Rises for 2nd Month”
DatestringRelease time and date in UTC“2023-04-13T09:25:34.693”
DescriptionstringDescription of the event“Industrial production in the Euro Area rose by 1.5 percent from…”
CountrystringCountry name“Euro Area”
CategorystringCategory name“Industrial Production Mom”
SymbolstringUnique symbol used by Trading Economics“EUROAREAINDPROMOM”
UrlstringHyperlink at Trading Economics“/euro-area/industrial-production-mom”
ImportancenumberLowest 0 to 3 highest2