It’s also possible to get Indicators’ related peers with the API.

By ticker

Get peers data by specific ticker.


te.getPeers(ticker='CPI YOY', output_type='df')
data = te.getPeers(ticker = 'CPI YOY').then(function(data){
WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create("");

By country and category

Get peers data by specific country and category


te.getPeers(country='mexico', category='money', output_type='df')
data = te.getPeers(country = 'mexico', category = 'money').then(function(data){
WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create("");

Series by country

Get a list of all available series by a specific country


te.getPeers(country='mexico', output_type='df')
data = te.getPeers(country = 'mexico').then(function(data){
WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create("");

Response fields

TickerstringTicker code“CPI YOY”
PeerstringRelated ticker“MEXFRINRDPST”
Relationshipnumber-1 - itself, 0 - related, 1 - component, 2 - parent, 3 - derivative0
CountrystringCountry name“Mexico”
CategorystringCategory name“Deposit Interest Rate”
TitlestringCombination of country/category“Deposit Interest Rate in Mexico”
LatestValueDatestringDate of the last released value“2023-01-31T00:00:00”
LatestValuenumberLast released value4.19
SourcestringSource of the data“IMF”
SourceURLstringURL link of the source“”
UnitstringUnit of the value“percent”
URLstringHyperlink at Trading Economics“/mexico/deposit-interest-rate”
CategoryGroupstringCategory group name“Money”
AdjustmentstringData description, for example: base period, price adjustment, seasonality“1982-1984=100, NSA”
FrequencystringFrequency of the indicator“Monthly”
HistoricalDataSymbolstringUnique symbol used by Trading Economics“UNITEDSTACONPRIINDCP”
CreateDatestringTime when an indicator was inserted“2014-06-11T09:44:00”
FirstValueDatestringDate of the first value in the historical series“1950-01-31T00:00:00”
PreviousValuenumberPreviously released value300.84
PreviousValueDatestringDate of the previously released value“2023-02-28T00:00:00”